The Sales Evangelist

Customers come in all shapes and sizes. So how do you go about selecting great customers?

Today, I’m sharing with you some great insights into how to maintain awesome relationships with clients and build new relationships.

You Have Control

You are on the front line so basically you have the ability to select the customers that you bring into the organization.

7 Components to Look At When Selecting Customers

1. It’s a client wherein you like the product they offer.

2. Look at the end result. Think from the customer’s outlook.

What causes to get the job well done? Look at the attributes of the customer and what the ideal customer looks like? Work backwards.

3. The leader has to be involved in the process.

4. Someone who has a clear idea of their objective.

A good metrics is that they should have clear KPIs.

5. Willing to roll up the sleeves and hustle

6. Look at the organization’s culture.

Check out Glassdoor and you’d see what the sales reps are saying about the company. You’ll have an idea of their leadership style.

7. See what their customers are saying about the organization.

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