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Today’s episode is another snippet taken from one of our sessions over at the TSE Hustler’s League.

Quick Hacks to Find Ideal Customers:

Customer Support

Best customers are the ones paying for products or services. This is an often overlooked area.

If you’re new to an organization, go to customer support and ask which customers give the most headaches.

Ask which customers they get the most calls from. Then ask those they don’t get a lot of calls from because these are the ones you need to go after.

Case Studies

Whether it’s your own case study or a competitors, case studies reveal things you don’t necessarily look at all the time. Inside, you’ll find some talking points you can use to reach out your ideal customers.

Customer Interviews

Meet with your customers for coffee or something and interview them. Or go to their organization or just set up a time to have a conversation with them.

Ask why they went with your organization. Ask about the basic demographics that can help you with your prospecting – teams, number of employees, etc. Ask the more meaty questions. Find out how they make money.

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