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Asking Questions, Donald Kelly, Sales from the Street, The Sales Evangelist Are you struggling with having business conversation with your clients? Let me help you deal with this today as I share with you what I did to overcome this.

A Personal Struggle

At some point, I was having trouble having business conversations with my clients. I would give them information and do a demo. Then I’d simply wait and follow up.

I was trying to close them in the demo. Why? Because I wasn’t building value in the conversation. I was simply trying to use the demo as a crutch.

The way to build value in the conversation is being able to have business conversation.

Strategies for Having Business Conversations with Your Clients:

  1. Go deeper and deeper into your probing.

An example of this is Toyota’s questioning model where you ask the 5 why’s until you get to the root of the problem.

Ask more meaningful questions. Do role plays to practice.

  1. The 3-Level Questions

In the book, The Science of Selling By David Hoffeld, he discussed the three levels of questioning.

Level 1: Surface-Level Questions

Never assume in sales. Don’t assume clients know their problem because they may not.

Level 2: Meaningful Questions

Don’t be afraid of asking a second question and think you’re going to irritate them. Don’t just jump into giving them a demo.

Level 3: Revealing the Actual Problem

Go even deeper and ask the client how they think your solution can change their business. Build your value around the idea of how this can impact their business.

  1. Practice, practice, practice.
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Episode Resources:

The Science of Selling By David Hoffeld

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