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Jeff Lee II, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Too scared to follow up? In today’s episode on Sales from the Street, fellow Floridian Jeff Lee II shares with us how he overcame his biggest challenge of following up.

Jeff and I initially connected on LinkedIn. He is currently the Teams Sales Director at a startup called Cybrary, an open-source cyber security and IT training platform. With four-year experience in sales now, Jeff previously worked for companies including Dell, Oracle, and Latista.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Jeff:

Jeff’s major challenges:

  • Picking up the phone and calling strangers all day long
  • The follow up process which involves continual rapport-building

Strategies Jeff did to overcome the problem:

  1. Build rapport after the call

Continue to make follow-up schedules. Let the prospect know when you’re going to call back for followup. Even if they reschedule, keep sending something in their face to have their attention.

  1. Create a follow-up schedule.

The idea here is to be highly visible to your clients. Jeff calls this as “increasing the deal velocity” where the speed to close will increase as long as you’re able to keep them in the loop of what’s going on.

  1. Set reminders for yourself to follow-up.

Create tasks in whatever CRM you’re using. Just stick to the schedule and tell yourself to stay on top of that.

Results Jeff saw after implementing these strategies:

  • More businesses closed and people coming back
  • Jeff is talking not to prospects anymore but friends now and people who enjoy his company and how he sells himself as a person.

Jeff gives away this bonus strategy when you’re making a demo:

Make sure you’re telling a story. Storytelling is very important for them to understand why you’re here, where you come from, what you provide, and why it will make them better today after they purchase.

Jeff’s Major Takeaway:

Fundamentals are key. Make sure you’re on point and your messaging is clear.

Episode Resources:

Check out their website at and reach out to Jeff through email at or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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