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The Sales Evangelist

Donald Kelly, Message, The Sales Evangelist Podcast Whether you’re selling life insurance or a car or plumbing service, you’re in an area where there’s a lot of competition and you’re trying to standout. But how can you best stand out within the industry you’re in?

Creativity is key.

In one of the early episodes of How I Built This Podcast by NPR, which has now become one of my favorite shows. Barbara Corcoran (the lady on Shark Tank), a successful real estate tycoon, talked about effective marketing. And one thing she did was being creative and was able to take something common and twist it in a way that she’s able to bring value to the buyer.

So she was getting one of her first properties and trying to rent it. She told the guy putting it up for a rent to put up a wall and partition the room, which was supposed to be just a studio room. They guy rented it quickly and Barbara was able to out beat the other ones who was just renting a one-bedroom apartment. She added a bit more to it.

Strategies to help you stand out:

  1. Look for the area where competitors are not focusing their efforts on.

Any industry will train you to do what you need to do into buying this particular product. Everyone does that. Don’t just do what everyone else is doing. Try to do an area that you will be a master in.

  1. Do podcasts.

Instead of having coffee with a bunch of people, try going on other podcasts. Or do virtual workshops and use Google Hangout. You don’t have to talk about the product you’re selling per se but try to talk about, say, the successes and challenges people have as they’re preparing for the next phase of their life. Get as many information from them as you can and then from that, create a little eBook.

  1. Get the local experts engaged.

Find local experts in your industry and have them write on your blog or interview them.

  1. Find that one thing that’s going to help you get some activities.

For me, personally, podcasting is the thing that works for me. I’m able to share things that have worked for me. But maybe you’re a video person so you want to videos. Or maybe you want to write instead or be a speaker. Find local speaking opportunities where you can talk to your audience and your potential customers.

  1. It’s okay if it doesn’t work.

Don’t be afraid, just do it. What’s the worst thing that can happen anyway? If one thing doesn’t work then pivot. Stop doing the same old things that are giving you the same old, no results.

Episode Resources:

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About the Author The Sales Evangelist

Donald is the host of the popular sales podcast,"The Sales Evangelist". He is the founder of The Sales Evangelist Consulting Firm where he helps small companies develop killer sales process to scale their business and increase growth.

Donald is also an award-winning speaker, sales trainer, and coach. He's a big fan of traveling, South Florida staycations and high-quality family time. Donald has a belief that “anyone” can sell if they have the desire and receives the proper training.

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