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Decision Maker, Donald Kelly, The Sales EvangelistAs an entrepreneur and seller, prospecting is one of the fundamental things you need to master. Today, I’m sharing some effective ways I’ve seen to get to that decision maker. This is something you’re going to have to do as a seller. These are strategies I’ve seen that work and that you can tweak and utilize in your business.




Who are the decision-makers?

These are the people in the organization that have the ability to say yes to you. These are people who can decide on buying your product or service.

They’re not necessarily CEO’s. They can be the Chief Marketing Officer. Again, these are the people who have access to the funds or budget.

Decision makers are not necessarily going to be the one you can get access to right away. They’re busy and have process where you have to go through multiple individuals first before you get access to them.

The key contact or decision maker is the VITO (Very Important Top Officer).

  1. Utilize referrals.

Go through your current customers and understand who your ideal customers are. Understand your buyer persona and see who else they know they can introduce you to.

Your chances of getting to the VITO through the receptionist is slim to none.

  1. Send a snail mail and follow up.

The whole point is to get a key target list of accounts and send them something in the mail that will grab their attention. Then call and do an introduction. By doing this, the secretary will be more willing to pass you through because you caught her attention.

  1. Take advantage of social media.

Sometimes decisions makers are utilizing social media. Use a platform that does not have a lot of traction. When you go on social media., don’t pitch right away. Bring value first. Find a way to share information or something they like that you can connect with and comment on. If there’s positive news about them in the media, share your insights too. Also, fill out the contact information on their website.

  1. Call the sales department of that organization.

Salespeople are often more compassionate and willing to get you the key information or email address or phone number to the right individual. Don’t be afraid since they’re doing the same you are. Also look for a way that you can bring value to them.

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