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The Sales Evangelist

A Jason Avery, Donald Kelly, Contractor Success re you making sure you’re casting your net to your target? Otherwise, you may just be wasting your time doing all things that you could have delegated to others. Today’s guest is Jason Avery. He has been part of the contracting world and he has helped many contractors to become effective in their business amidst the bad rap contractors have.

Jason is sharing some of his great insights into how you can understand contractors better regardless of which industry you’re in, specifically focusing on how critical balancing your time is.

Jason is the owner of Avery Construction, a general contracting company doing kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, and room additions around the Tampa Bay area. He also started a company called Constructing Success where he does coaching and consulting helping other general contractors and tradespeople how to project cash flow and budget jobs accordingly to make sure they’re making their margins. He is the author of the book Constructing Success, a #1 bestseller.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Jason:

Struggles Jason faced as an entrepreneur:

Balancing time when you’re wearing multiple hats that you find yourself working all the time but not really being 100% effective due to exhaustion

Strategies for time management:

Focus on the specific jobs you want.

Narrow your target market. Focus on where you need to aim.

Then spend time and energy narrowing the odds.

Invest in your marketing. You have to have leads.

Hire other people to do things for you so you can reduce your tasks on the more specific and the more important ones.

Figure out whether to focus on leads or referrals.

About the Room Full of Referrals Program

This comes out once per quarter. Check out www.construct-success.com and visit their events page.

About Jonathan’s book: Constructing Success

Learn about concepts such as the customer experience roller coaster and how to maintain the relationship over time with clients who still like you and want to refer you.

Jason’s Major Takeaways:

Believe it. Believe that you can put the team together. Believe that you can make it happen. Believe that you find the time and that you’re really not that busy. Think of all the things you tie yourself up in and how much time you spend buried in the email graveyard trying to sort out stuff you just moved from one file to the next. Hire other people to do things for you. And use that time to find ways to be productive. Put yourself into building tomorrow.

When you are considering constructing another business strategy, make sure you’re not distracting yourself from the core business. Anything new you do is a complement to what you’re already doing. It may just include a new brand.

Episode Resources:

Get connected with Jonathan on www.averyconstruction.com


Constructing Success by Jason Avery

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