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The Sales Evangelist

Today, we’re having a lawyer on the show. Lawyers in sales? Yep! Lawyers know a lot about sales too. Today’s guest is Shawn Yesner. He is a lawyer in the Tampa Bay area where he focuses mostly on consumer issues and helping people who find themselves in financial distress and difficulties. He also has to go out there and hustle and get people to hire him and pay him so he can support himself and his family.
Shawn is a great connector. Ask him about anything or type of business and he knows someone and can connect you with them. In return, he gets connections as well because he’s one of those people who seek to give and bring value.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Shawn:

Shawn’s biggest struggles in his business:

Figuring out how, where, and when to find his clients

How to convince people to hire him

Strategies to overcome this challenge:

1. Find groups and evaluate them.

Always evaluate and join different networking-type organizations. Give your all to it and become engaged. Provide value to is and see if starts to generate back. If it doesn’t after a year or two, move on to the next one until you find those right relationships you can really cultivate and nurture so it can generate consistently.

2. Find referral partners.

Referral partners are those who can refer clients to you and in return, you can refer clients to them spanning different industries. Always look for opportunities to give referrals to other people in the area and that will eventually come back and give referrals to you.

3. Use a platform where you can bring value to the table.

Check out Shawn’s podcast Crushing Debt about the different areas of law that he practices. He also uses the podcast to have his partners on the podcast. This has generated a lot for his law firm

How to start networking:

Read about networking (Shawn actually reads 20-30 books a year on average.)

You have to give to the group before it will produce for you.

Become involved and volunteer and show up at the events.

There can be groups that are not a great fit and that’s okay.

Find groups though meetups and Facebook groups.

Cultivate the existing relationships you have, ask them, and go with them.

Results Shawn saw after applying his strategies:

Shawn now has a consistent flow of referral partners that are always sending him business.

Shawn’s Major Takeaway:

Be able to give in order to get back. Even if it’s a group you really enjoy being with or you think would be great for you, if you can’t give sufficiently to that group, it may not be the right fit right now so it may be something you want to come back to and re-evaluate later.

Episode Resources:

Check out Shawn’s Crushing Debt Podcast and his website www.yesnerlaw.com.

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