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The Sales Evangelist

The Sales Evangelist Podcast As a sales leader, one of the most important tasks is to be the leader that people want to follow. We often find sales reps leaving the organization, not because they weren’t making money or the product is bad, but just because of the relationship side. How do you become that sales leader everybody loves?

Today’s guest is Scott Love and he shares great insights and more about his book, Why They Follow: How to Lead with Positive Influence, specifically on how you as a seller, sales leader, or entrepreneur can create an atmosphere where the people we lead are willing to follow us.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Scott:

About his book, Why They Follow:

Find out what motivates people to follow and lead based on that. His book will show you how you can lead that gets people to choose to follow and do it in a positive way (not because of fear).

The concept of response ratio that people choose what response to give shows that employees give a 1 based on authority and a 10 (they respond with their heart and soul) because of a manager’s leadership skills.

People choose to respond based on how they respond someone to be.

Strategies on how to become the leader people want to follow:

  1. Trust is a key factor.

Get people to trust you. People make decisions so you have to lead them in a way that gets them to choose to respond. Build trust with your team by going within. Leadership is intensely personal. People make decisions on a personal and emotional level.

  1. Identify your core values.

If you had all the money and time in the world, what truly motivates you? Those are your core values and take time to identify those. Write them down and this serves as your guide or compass to measure all your decisions.

  1. Write down your life purpose.

This has nothing to do with business or sales. Take the time to identify and clarify your mission as to why you are on this planet and you become more confident and more decisive. You will know which direction you’re going in.

  1. Be a great follower to be a great leader.

Become “followable” first and everything else will fall into its place. Say that you won’t do anything unless it provides value to other people first. Go back to your core values and your life purpose.

  1. Find out what motivates your team.

Get to know your team and find out what motivates them since everybody is motivated by something different. While some are motivated by money, others are motivated by recognition. Look for ways to motivate your team for different reasons.

At the end of the day, people want significance and control. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, self-actualization is on top of the pyramid. It’s more than the money. It’s about the meaning.

  1. Practice what you preach.

If your actions don’t adhere to your values, then your team will see that disconnect and they won’t feel safe. They won’t trust you anymore. Are you living in the values you are espousing within the company?

  1. Give your team members the attention they need.

Don’t looking at your iPhones as employees are talking to you. Every time you have a screen on your hand, you’re not giving the attention they need.

  1. Give your members public recognition.

Show them why their work matters. There is a pattern that if we can show there is positive leadership between the employee and the boss, that’s enough for them to turn down opportunities. Salespeople want to have a contribution into this world.

Scott’s Major Takeaway:

Invest one hour a day in personal development. Listen to this podcast. Read books. This is going to build up over time. If you read and listen to people who have been down the road, you’re going to become the kind of person that people will feel safe with and be the person people will follow.

Episode Resources:

Connect with Scott Love on www.scottlove.com.

Why They Follow: How to Lead with Positive Influence by Scott Love

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