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DONALD KELLY, THE SALES EVANGELIST PODCAST As a seller, your job is to bring value to your clients by finding ways that will either help them cut their expenses and save money or increase revenue. But which one should you lead them with?

What is the goal of every business?

For any business, one of the biggest goals is to increase revenue. Cutting cost is imperative but as a seller, this may not be the most effective thing for you to lead with every single time.

The problem with reducing cost every time

There is only so much cost you can reduce before it comes ineffective. You can’t get rid of everything or go out and fire your employees. Sometimes, cost go hand in hand with increasing revenue.

The thing to lead with: Find ways to increase revenue

Companies continuously seek ways to increase their revenue and if you could come in and speak of ways where you can strategically explain or give specific examples of ways that your product/service can help them increase revenue.

Create value through their unconsidered need, which are things that your prospects have not necessarily thought about and things that they don’t know that could be benefiting their organization but they haven’t taken advantage of.

There is no limit to increasing sales

Focus on increasing revenue because there is no ceiling with it and there is no set limit on the money you can bring in. Unlike reducing cost where there just comes a point where the could no longer go any lower.

Social intelligence is key

Do your homework. It is important to know the best strategy or process to understand how a company makes money.

Today’s Major Takeaway:

It is better to lead with ways that you can help your clients increase revenue than to just share with them ways to reduce expenses otherwise you come to a point where you simply outsell yourself since they can’t go any lower.
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