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Sales Revolution, Pipeliner, Nikolaus Kimla, Donald Kelly Sales has always been represented in a negative way.  As much as we probably love Hollywood, more than 281 movies have represented a negative image of salespeople from 1903 to 2005. So that explains it (in a way). The truth is… sales actually does create great impact on the society. In fact, we will be seeing a sales revolution in the next ten years.

My guest today, Nikolaus Kimla, shares with us some key insights into the sales revolution, why this is important, and how you can be a part of it. Interestingly, find out how Nikolaus is able to tie in sales as a peacekeeping component in our society.

An Austrian-native, Nikolaus moved to Los Angeles four and a half years ago. Nikolaus is the CEO of the Pipeliner CRM, an awesome tool that helps sales professionals and entrepreneurs of all levels.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Nikolaus:

The concept of a Sales Revolution in the next 10 years:

  1. The need for human touch

At the end of the day, it’s sales that brings the number home

  1. The complexity of sales

Everyday, it’s the same intelligence that people have so the buyer needs a person to explain things because not everything is simple.

  1. Sales is craft, not an art.

Sales has to be learned. True, it was an art in the old days but today, sales is a craft. You have to learn it. It’s hard. There are not enough university courses to learn it because it’s one of the most complex jobs in the world due to several variables.

  1. Sales creates wealth and peace.

Sales is very undervalued for what it’s contributing to society. What is the impact of sales in the society? Sales is creating wealth. More importantly, sales is creating peace. You can’t be at war with the person you’re selling to. Sell correctly and you get wealth and peace.

Using CRM as a Powerful Tool:

Put people first. The solution should empower the people. And all done in an enjoyable way!

Nikolaus’ Major Takeaway:

Everything you do has to be in line with the person you’re interacting with. Everyone is a multiplicator. So for everything you do, it could either multiply or diminish your ideals. So be nice and be socially intelligent.

Episode Resources:

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