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Sales Manager, Donald Kelly. Jon Manley Sure, some people believe that people are born to be sales professionals but for many people, such as myself and my guest today, we believe that sales can be taught. Jon Manley is an inspiring story of how he went from being a telemarketer with no college degree and a car that broke down every week to becoming a VP of Sales. And he’s going to share with us how he made this happen.

With 11 years of experience in the technology space, Jon works with individuals and companies to help them improve their selling and understand their potential.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Jon:

Are the odds stacked against you?

  • The odds just seem to be stacked against you.
  • Look at it from the opposite side of the perspective.
  • Look for everything you did wrong and make sure you avoid those things.
  • Study and do everything you can to ingest content from every possible source to make you better.
  • Look for micro-refinement that can help you improve on a daily basis.
  • Don’t be complacent!

Winning strategies that got Jon to becoming a VP:

  1. Understand everyone’s point of view and their perspective.

Always come from a point of empathy and not what you want the customer to do or what your boss to see.

  1. Put your customers’ needs ahead of you.

What would the customer want? What would the customer like to see what you’re doing to make the world easier? Then you’re going to make yourself a better resource to them and you will earn loyalty.

  1. Show that extra level of care and value.

Be an expert resource in a way that your product or service resonates with them and helps people in your position all the time. Be respectful to ask a few minutes of their time.

  1. Make them understand why you’re a good resource to their exact position.

Always use their exact position or where they are in life as the exact wording in your conversation to make add that personal touch.

  1. Have short term, medium term, and long term goals.

Long terms goals give you perspective for what your short term activities need to be. Make sure you can control your goals.

  1. Focus on highest rewarding activities.

Schedule your day and break down activities that you can control so you don’t get off track.

Jon’s Major Takeaway:

Believe in yourself and completely get rid of complacency. Understand your level of greatness because you’re no different from anyone else. Sales is not a born skill but a learned skill that requires consistency and absolute passion for what you do.

Episode Resources:

Check out Jon on YouTube Manley Minute that features a 60-second daily sales tip. Follow him on Facebook The Manley Formula, LinkedIn, and Medium.

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