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Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Patrick Campbell, RelationallySalespeople hate doing a bunch of administrative work. Who wants to do that stuff anyway? We only want to get out there and do what we do best. We want to sell.

Today’s guest is Patrick Campbell who’s going to share with us how you can do administrative stuff more effectively. Yes! Finally!

Patrick Campbell is a serial entrepreneur who used to be a “road warrior” selling services for medical services provider. Administrative work was one of the things that frustrated him but it became the nexus for Relationally, a CRM concierge service for outside sales professionals to help them accelerate their sales process.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Patrick:

The challenges of administrative work:

  • Time-consuming (Salespeople can lose 1-2 hours a day just updating their CRM system)
  • Labor intensive
  • Outside the scope of sales practice

How Relationally can help you:

  • A secure system so all your information are in safe hands
  • They can accept CRM data via phone call, text, or email and they will put the data in your CRM system for you.

Patrick’s Major Takeaway:

Stay focused on your sales goals and let Relationally help you. Visit them at or reach out to Patrick at Sign up and get 1-week free trial of their services.

Episode Resources:

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