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Webinar, Branding, Donald Kelly, Brian HalleyDo you know how branding and sales can come together to increase your revenue? Today’s guest is the branding guru, Brian Halley. He and I are having a webinar to discuss how you can actually incorporate branding and sales into your process to help you increase your revenue.

Brian Halley has been doing graphic design for 20 years now. He launched the company Right Think where they help small businesses look world-class.

In this episode of Sales from the Street, Brian is going to share with us one of the major challenges he faced with sales and branding and how we was able to rise above it.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Brian:

Brian’s major challenge in selling and branding:

The Jelly Belly Experience

Brian got hired to do the international packaging for Jelly Belly Candy Company that comprised only 5% of the company’s total market while another guy was doing 95% of the branding for the national market. After much research and various design mock-ups, Brian’s work got noticed by the owner of the company and he ultimately got chosen to do worldwide rebranding for the next 6 months to a year.

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My takeaways from this episode:

  1. Sell yourself.
  2. Sell the business idea.
  3. Sell the branding package.

Golden nuggets of wisdom from Brian:

  1. Respect the people making the choices.
  2. Give different options for them to choose.

Brian and I are doing a webinar to talk more about this idea of marrying branding and sales so you can be successful.

Episode Resources:

Check out Brian’s website on and do a 30-minute conversation with him if you want to know more about branding.

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