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TSE Podcast, Donald Kelly, Tom Brady, The Sales Evangelist Football is an awesome sport from which you can learn many tactics and strategies that you can apply to sales and even your personal life. The Super Bowl 2017 was one for the books and I’m going to share with you lessons I’ve gleaned from watching the recent game that can help you in your own sales game.

  1. Remain levelheaded.

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is not the most lovable character of all athletes. He’s had interesting situations including the Deflategate cheating controversy. So going into this game where there’s a lot of contention with Tom and the team and the NFL commissioner, there was just too much negativity going. I was one of those who hated on the Patriots too but Tom remained levelheaded.

Application to sales:

Sometimes we come across uninterested prospects or negative teams. Worse, we do our own head trash where are own negativity holds us back from doing the things we’re capable of doing.

Identify the negative things that hold you back from doing the great things you’re capable of doing. Get rid of that head trash.

  1. Focus on the next step.

In football, your goal is to get from one end of the field to the other. And you need to focus on getting to the next first down. Tom just kept going and in every single play, he was focusing on just the next step.

Application to sales:

Are you skipping steps in your sales process? Just get to the next step and the next yes. Just focus on getting to the next step and do it with precision. It’s normal to make mistakes but don’t focus on them. Instead, focus on the things you could work on to get back in place. ¬†Move on every time you fail.

  1. Be consistent.

The Patriots didn’t just wing it to win. They were consistent with every ball thrown. And they’ve been doing this for hundreds and thousands of hours practicing in throwing.

Application to sales:

Sometimes you could lose track as a seller and start messing things up that you begin winging it. You can’t do that. You have to practice your craft in order to be consistent. Write out the points you need to cover in a meeting with your prospect. Practice. No more winging it.

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