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Top Performer, The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast You see them. You’re probably one of them. Call them the sales superheroes or whatever you want to call them. I’m actually referring to the top performing sellers who always seem to know how to deal with tough situations and pull through. No matter how challenging the task at hand, they always come out successful. How do they do that? Why are they performing so well? Today, I’m sharing with you my insights into how top performing sellers out-beat others each time.

Why top performers do so well: The Mindset to Win

Top performers have this attitude or drive that continues to push them. They persevere towards their goal even when others give up or fall behind the wayside. Don’t just quit even when you’re down to the last quarter. They put a strategy in place and make it happen. This goes beyond work since you also have to apply this to your personal life. Just perform. Just get back and do it.

How to Develop this Attitude to Win:

  1. Get around with people that have the same attitude or mentality.

Be with like-minded people. Be with people around you who have that attitude to win.

  1. Change your mindset.

Don’t let outside influencers hinder you from performing in your role. It doesn’t matter what or who, you’re going to get past it and succeed.

  1. Turn your disadvantages towards your advantage in life.

Don’t let things in yourself which you see as detriments or weaknesses hinder you from doing well. Instead, use these towards your advantage. See it as an opportunity instead of a detriment.

A book to help inspire you to develop a “fighter” mindset:

The Martian is a book written by Andy Weir about a man who got stranded alone in Mars and struggled to survive.

Episode Resources:

The Martian by Andy Weir has featured TSE and named it as one of The Top 10 Podcasts for Modern Entrepreneurs

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