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One common mistake salespeople make is play the guessing game with their clients. You can’t let your clients guess your sales process or your next steps otherwise the whole thing gets so ambiguous. You have to be super clear when it comes to your sales process. And that includes letting them know when you need to follow up and what happens during that follow up.

This week the snippet that I’m going to share with you is taken from one of our previous sessions at the TSE Hustler’s League and is all about following up.

The different parts of the sales process which need follow up:

*Follow up is important in each step of the sales process.

  1. The first meeting
  2. Discovery meeting

Sit down with a client and analyze to see if you’re a good fit or not.

  1. Start talking about money once you have a deeper understanding of what they’re looking for.
  2. Counter with your solution.

Strategies for effective follow up:

  1. Make sure to align your process to theirs.
  • Let your client know about your process.
  • Find out their process of purchasing.
  • Align their process and your process.
  1. Don’t let your clients play the guessing game.

Spell out your next steps to your clients. Let them know you’re going to follow up on all of those steps.

  1. Set the rules before you play the game.

Give the client what they need to do beforehand so the follow up is not ambiguous.

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