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Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Negotiation, New ClientsDo you really appreciate the things you get for free? Not often, I don’t think so. Personally, I have wasted so many great things because I got them for free. There was no value tied to them. Is your prospect doing this same thing with you?

Today, we’re talking about VALUE and why you should not give away everything for free. I’m also going to share with you some things about negotiation and how you can make sure you can effectively negotiate with your prospects.

As sellers, sometimes we become to afraid to lose our prospects that we tend to give away everything for free. Unfortunately, people are not going to value those things that you give for free. Now, the relationship has a bad start. So here are a couple of principles to help you get a good head start.

  1. If I do this, you will do this…

Ex. If I were to give you a free license, you will have to give us a referral.

  1. If you give away stuff for free, make sure you have a strategy behind it in the end.

Ex. McDonald’s sells us burgers at almost no profit but they are making a huge increase on their fries and soda so they consistently have people coming back over and over again.

Now let’s bring this back to you…

Do you have an after sales process?

This means having something on the back-end to recuperate that loss or cost. For example, sell your product at a cheaper rate to get into one department of a company and as they grow, they would purchase more from you.

Today’s Major Takeaway:

Make sure that there is value attached to anything you give away for free. Do not just give it all away.

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