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Accountability, Sales Leader, Donald Kelly, The Best Sales PodcastDo you work from home? Are you in a silo? Do you work by yourself? Or are you in the field selling on your own? Listen to this episode as I share some strategies that you can apply that will help you stay competitive even when you’re alone.

How to stay competitive effectively even when you’re selling by yourself:


  1. Accountability

Have personal goals and share them with your leader or someone in your group to hold you accountable. Having that sense of accountability encourages you to do it.

  1. Competition

Go to meetings where other sellers are. Having someone in your organization to compete with motivates you to push yourself.

  1. Join the TSE Hustler’s League

Every week, we get together and work to help improve ourselves. For this semester, we’re focusing on prospecting. Check out the to see a syllabus of what we’re going to be covering.

What are the awesome things you’re getting from this group:

  • Training from me and guest experts
  • Community
  • You will have an accountability partner where you set goals after each session and your partner makes sure that you accomplish your goals in the same manner that your job is to make sure they accomplish their goals. (And you have me to hold yourself accountable too)

Today’s Major Takeaway:

Make yourself perform better by giving yourself accountability and joining a group like the TSE Hustler’s League. Or get someone that can keep you accountable. Without accountability, you’ll stay at a mediocre level. Get accountability in place. Set goals. Compete in a healthy competition.

Episode Resources:

TSE Hustler’s League

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