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The Sales Evangelist

The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, The Best Sales Podcast Having a strong community is key to success. But how do you even get started with this?

Today’s guest is someone who grew her community from zero to 24K. Kathy Fettke is the Founder of the Real Wealth Network where she teaches people how to build a passive income so that they can be more “work optional.” She provides them with lots of investing information specifically on how to acquire assets, mostly real estate such as little rentals, so they can live off their rental income from that.

Now, I want you to realize that she grew her community by sheer accident so there’s definitely no reason why you can’t do this on purpose. Are you ready to get started?

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Kathy:

Kathy’s back story:

  • Her husband being diagnosed with melanoma and was told he had six months left to live. (He’s totally fine right now by the way!)
  • Kathy had to figure out how to make some money passively to give her husband some time off
  • She had a radio show where she transformed the content platform to wealth building and interviewed people to understand how they built their wealth quickly starting from nothing.
  • Kathy started selling sponsorships to her show and got a series of NO. So she used a different wording on her next call and asked her prospect how they want to be featured on their show which comes with a fee. (The first person she called finally said yes.)

How Kathy grew her community to 24K:

  • Kathy saw a connection between her show and her guest who is a mortgage broker and an expert in investment property. She wanted to learn how to build wealth and met a guy who’s helping people build wealth through mortgages (being able to borrow money to acquire an asset that pays you cash flow)
  • She ended up having him on her every show and being her co-host
  • They were profiling all people going in, getting mortgages, buying real estate and investment property
  • Kathy asked questions on the show like a newbie would and was able to attract people who found it fascinating
  • Since their show grew and grew and they were getting calls from people wanting a mortgage, her co-host couldn’t handle the massive number of leads coming in so he advised Kathy to get a real estate license and take them.

Essence of the Story:

Kathy heavily brought value to the table and she was bringing the right type of content. She found a segment of people who wanted to learn how to grow wealth using real estate. So she capitalized on this and her community just continued to grow.

How you can grow your own community:

Find out what people need and how you can serve them.

Care about the outcome, not the bottom line. This is how you can grow a community long term.

Kathy’s greatest mistake: Giving bad advice to clients (which was unintentional)

How she corrected this: She stayed with them and brought them different solutions. She tried to find that silver lining, never ran, still cared, still tried to help and they appreciated it.

Episode Resources:

Connect with Kathy through her website www.realwealthnetwork.com. Check out her podcasts The Real Wealth Show and Real Estate News.

Get Kathy’s book Retire Rich with Rentals

Extreme Success by Rich Fettke

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