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The Sales Evangelist

The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Best Sales Podcast This week’s episode on Sales from the Street is another interesting one as we talk about how different dog breeds actually relate to certain characters in your sales team. Our guest today, Gonzalo Salinas, shares how he overcame a major challenge by understanding what kind of sales dog each member of his team was.

Gonzalo Salinas is the Sales Manager for a litigation support company where they provide services to big law firms or solo law practitioners offering code reporters, videographers, process servers, interpreters, legal translations, and just about anything related to the litigation area.

Listen in to this episode and find out what type of sales dog you think you are!

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Gonzalo:

Major challenge Gonzalo faced:

His training methods as not being a good fit for everyone in his team

A step closer to his resolution:

Gonzalo came across the book, Sales Dogs by Blair Singer

A brief story behind the book:

Blair was the number one salesperson at Xerox back in the 80’s and always competing with him was Robert Kiyosaki, who later published his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Robert realized  how important selling was so he called his friend, Blair Singer to his friend and asked if he could publish a book about sales on his book collection; hence, the book Sales Dogs was born.

Realizations Gonzalo got from this book to overcome his challenge:

  1. Every single salesperson is a different breed of dog.

Five different types of salespeople:

  • Chihuahua – The Tech Guy : This one knows everything about the product or service. The prospect has a big level of certainty about them talking about the product or service so they will buy
  • Rottweiler – The Closer : This the one who will bite your neck. They’re aggressive and they go everyday out there looking for a close.
  • Basset hound – The Persistent One : This is the persistent guy who will call you a year or two later. And maybe four years later, clients will buy from them for being persistent.
  • Poodle – The Socialite : This one will do a sales presentation wearing an Armani suit, driving a Maserati, and telling clients they’re doing them a favor by giving them sales presentation. This person has mastered their social skills. People buy from them because they feel important just by having lunch with this salesperson.
  • Labrador – This is the one that will become your friend and who will care about creating a relationship. They don’t care that much on the close but will create such a great relationship, will follow up properly, will follow steps of the sales process, and clients will place on you a big level of trust that they will become your clients forever.
  1. As a general rule, you always have your main breed and a secondary breed.
  • Main breed – 80% that fits your personality
  • Secondary breed – 20%
  1. Make 2-mm changes in every training you provide to your salespeople.

Understand that each of you team members are completely different breeds of dogs.

Results Gonzalo got from tweaking his training:

Increased sales in 90 days by 18%

Gonzalo’s Major Takeaway:

Focus on creating a relationship. The closing is mandatory next step of a great relationship.

Episode Resources:

Connect with Gonzalo through his website www.GonzaloSalinas.com and send him an email.

Sales Dogs by Blair Singer

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

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