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The Sales Evangelist

TSE Podcast, The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly I want you to recognize the power of the uniqueness that comes with utilizing videos throughout your sales process. That’s why I’m bringing in Sean Higgins today to share with us the power of leveraging video content at any point of your sales process and how video can actually help you cut through all the clutter in this highly competitive sales world.

Sean Higgins is the Co-Founder and Head of Business Development of ilos, a video platform that lets you record videos and instantly share them on the cloud. They help teams quickly create, edit, organize, and share video content working with different sales and support teams.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Sean:

Why you need to utilize video content:

  1. It makes you stand out.

Video in emails helps you cut through the clutter and noise our there. And you can make it look like it’s really customized. Make use of a seemingly generic video content with custom snippets in there so it makes you look like you went out of your way to make a 2-minute video for them.

  1. It’s a personal reach out tool.

You can use video as a way of ensuring that your message gets carried through the decision makers.

  1. Get pretty good tracking.

Make an outline of your proposal and include a link in your email. Then you can get tracking on those links because you know if they’re watching it or whether they forwarded it onto people.

  1. It makes it easy to be personal.

Sending out videos makes it more personal. You can leverage the cloud and get content off to folks really easily.

  1. It drives more engagement.

Voice is powerful and people hearing your voice just keeps their attention span longer and makes them more engaged.

How do you send video content through email? ilos-logo-1

  1. Include a link in  your email.

They click the link and it will open in a new tab.

  1. Another way to send video content is to turn videos into animated gifts.

This shows up in the email. Set up an account. Create a quick gift and drop it in your email and that will play right from inside their Gmail.

Leveraging videos during the prospecting process:

Once you get your list, videos are great in gauging interest and get different levels of interest.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when using videos is failure to track how it’s doing which is where most of the benefit comes from.

Other ways of capitalizing on video content in your sales process:

  • Proposals
  • Testimonials
  • Custom videos tailored to the visitor
  • Drip campaigns – linked to video around a specific content
  • Upsells

Mistakes sellers make for not using videos:

  • Getting stuck in the noise
  • Not giving out something new

What you need to have to do video content:

  • Marketing teams should have heavier video tools
  • If you’re only sending personal videos you can send in your emails, ilos offers cheaper video option

Sean’s Major Takeaway:

When you’re using video, make it customized. Drop someone a personal line about why your product or service is great. Don’t waste it by sending a generic marketing video. Instead, send them something that’s going to show them how your product or service is going to make their life way easier.

Episode Resources:

Get connected with Sean on Twitter @higg1921 or check out their website on www.ilosvideos.com and start playing around.

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