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The Sales Evangelist

The Sales Evangelist Podcast, The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Donald Kelly, Ty Crandall People do business with those they know, like, and trust. Of course! But how do you get them to know, like, and trust you?

Today’s episode is loaded with information you don’t want to miss out on, especially when building trust and confidence with your clients is a real struggle for you, regardless of where you are at your cycle right now.

Ty Crandall is our amazing guest and he shares with us a ton of information about how you can build a solid relationship with your customers and eventually gain their trust through the power of education. Ty oversees a business credit financing operation where he helps customers attain business credit financing to start and grow businesses. They also help people get into the business of offering business credit financing as a service.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Ty:

The importance of trust factor:

  • Internal dialogue in people’s heads about all the bad stuff that happens
  • Sellers think their customers are listening to what they say
  • Difficulty of trusting as a barrier that has to be overcome to make a sale

How to get your prospect to start having a relationship with you:

  1. Get to them when they’re interested.
  • Everybody tries to sell to people who are in the buyer side of the cycle who are ready to go. They completely neglect the other nearly 70% of who will be buyers that just aren’t ready to buy.
  • Don’t wait until they get to a buying mode. Get to them when they’re researching and start helping them with the education about your product and service. Teach them how it works and how they can do it on their own.
  1. Trust and rapport has to be built before the actual sale takes place.
  • If you did otherwise, you’re still going to make sales but you don’t have loyalty so you’ll miss a lot of sales.
  • Be the one who’s building trust and rapport through time.
  1. Give people information and educate them.
  • Many people want to do it on their own but the rest don’t want to do it on their own and want somebody that genuinely cares about them to be involved in the process. Most salespeople don’t get the reputation of caring. Educating them gives them that perception that you’re caring about them.
  • Now they know you know their stuff and they’d rather do business with you. Now you’re not chasing them but they’re chasing you.

The Power of the Law of Reciprocity

Some people don’t have the money to pay you but they’re willing to help you and they’re still grateful for the information you’re giving them but they would still feel compelled to give back and they do it through referrals or sharing your stuff on social media and be evangelist for your brand. Then you build a tribe. Then you establish a loyal following and that’s a lot more than just paying clients.

How to Keep Clients:

  1. Give them a small win early.

They have to see some type of result very early on that gives them immediate peace of mind. There has to be this guaranteed or best that you can do to show them these small wins consistently through the process.

  1. Educate them and communicate with them through automation like emails.
  2. Make sure you deliver your promises.
  3. Make sure that you really have good service, that you’re taking care of them, and that you’re treating them like gold.
  4. Be able to sell them a multitude of products through their lifetime or make affiliate offers where you can make money there. Long standing affiliate relationships start from blowing your customers away and then give great referrals.

How you can get things started:

  1. Email auto-responder sequence
  • Block off one hour of time. Sit down and write 4-8 emails which consist of whatever it is you’re selling.
  • Find out what you do and write about how they can do those exact same things they need to know to be able to do that/
  • Get a simple a simple email auto-responder (ex. Infusionsoft, iContact, AWeber)
  • Drop those emails into that sequence and spread them out once a week. (So if you wrote eight then you have two months worth of content already created)
  • Set aside one hour a month to do exactly the same thing. Sit down and write eight more and add them into the sequence.
  1. Re-purpose information.
  • Make video content on YouTube or using PowerPoint broken down into Word document and then those could become your emails.
  • If you need assistance with it, go to Upwork and hire a virtual assistant who can easily do it for you with very little out-of-pocket money.

Ty’s Major Takeaway:

Information is worthless if you don’t take action. Right after this show, sit down and write your first four to eight emails. Put out your first video. These things take don’t take much time and it’s the beginning of something. Then just stick with it. The business reaches a real tipping point when you’re focused on the stuff right now that’s bringing in customers and all the other stuff out there is now bringing in customers and then when those two merge, you reach an explosive business. But all this comes with taking action.

Episode Resources:

Know more about Ty and the exciting things they’re doing by visiting their website at www.creditsuite.com/ein and get a great free guide on building business credit and connect with them on social media from there.

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