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Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Best Sales Podcast, TSE Hustler's LeagueThis is Part 2 of the snippet I shared with you last week. It is from one of our training sessions at the TSE Hustlers League.

We have some new exciting stuff coming in the TSE Hustlers League. For a sneak peek, we’re creating a whole semester! It focuses on effectively gaining more leads into your funnel outside of what your company is giving you.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

How to powerfully convey your message to your prospect:

  1. Brainstorming

Get people in your company and go through a brainstorming session. Devote the whole session to your company’s product, your key differentiators. Grade them and then find the worth of each of those so you can find the top ones you can utilize in your messaging.

Note: If the thing listed is true and unique to your company and nobody has something better, score that as 2. If it’s something others have but you can prove your company does it better or in an advantaged way, then score it as 1. If admittedly, your competitors can do more or less the same thing, label it as 0 (ex. 24-hour delivery).

  1. Get rid of the 0’s and then focus on the 2’s.

Of the 2’s that you have, which one of these things can you connect to the customer’s “unconsidered needs”? Again, unconsidered needs are those which the customers haven’t really initially thought of as needs.

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The Three Value Conversations

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