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Donald Kelly, Sales Certification, Young Seller, New Hire Should you get some sales certifications? Do you really need them? Most programs and organizations in other professions have certification groups as they are mostly required.

I think it’s important for us to be trained in our positions as sellers and have the expertise to thrive. But some of these certification programs are not really necessary in order for you to be successful as a seller.

Why you don’t necessarily have to have a certification?

  1. Some companies are not really fond of a sales certification program.
  2. Actions or sales speak louder that certifications. I recommend a better track record. What any hiring manager wants to see is whether you can deliver.

What do you need to do instead?

  1. Show a way that you have a great track record.

Whether it’s closing business or helping clients become successful or becoming a top performer on the sales team, show to your client/company you’re applying to that you have a great record. This carries more weight than a certification.

  1. Gain more education as a seller.

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Sales Certification Program vs. Sales Training Program

Getting training is great and it’s different than getting certifications. However, it all boils down to – can you bring home the bacon?

Today’s Major Takeaway:

Great sales track record still beats certification.

Episode Resources:

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  • Nadia

    – great post! Lately we have been discussing the most effective way to train salespeople. Your comment about not necessarily needing a sales certification is very valid and worth
    consideration for every B2B sales professional. Thanks for your work.

    • Donald C. Kelly

      Thank you so much Nadia. I’m glad you enjoyed the episode. I also appreciate the email. I look forward to connecting further.

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