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The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Donald Kelly, Sales Leader, Top SellerWell, it’s actually an interesting dynamic when you have a team of young and veteran sellers. It’s not unusual for doubts to set in and you ask yourself questions like: Is there a better way to approach this? Or do the things you do translate to leading a more senior group? The internal battle sure is challenging but you can always ride against the tides and this is how our today’s guest, Jay Cullinan, would put simply put it.

Jay Cullinan has been in B2B sales in the last six years and today we talk about how you can effectively manage a team of veteran sellers even as a young sales leader.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Jay:

Jay’s coolest sales experience when he was the customer

How you as a young sales leader can influence a more senior group:

  1. Be in it with them.

As Zig Ziglar says, “Sales isn’t something you do to somebody. It’s something you do with somebody.” So you have to be on the level of your veteran sellers.

  1. Ask for their advice.

Veteran sellers have basically been in the sales filed way longer than you do. There is a wealth of knowledge you can gain so set time aside and ask for their advice. Then tailor it specifically to them. Asking for their advice denotes respect because you want to hear what they have to say.

  1. Tailor your management style accordingly.

You can’t treat everyone the same. The way you manage individuals should be different. It’s the same with how people sell. People have different ways of selling to people.

  1. Celebrate your failure with lesson attached to it.

Senior people want to be respected. Putting yourself out there in the form of a failure with a real lesson attached to it, you will get a ton of respect for it. This will also give them space to be more honest with their failures. Share your failure and put it out there and people will respect your and trust you more. Being vulnerable is one of the quickest ways to build trust.

  1. Find ways to give other people credit.

Growing your business is a marathon. The short side of leaders swallows the small wins or even the big wins upfront and that snatches motivation and progress away from your team. Swallow your pride and give away the success out to your team.

Jay’s Major Takeaway:

Everything matters when you’re dealing with customers because you’re not just being judged with competition directly, but also against everybody else they’ve come in contact on that day. Rise to the level of being the most noble person that day and you’re well on your way to success.

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