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Today’s episode is another great snippet from the TSE Hustlers League. This is Part One of the Power of Three as we talk about how you can meet with your prospects without complicating things.

The Power of Three:

The concept behind the power of three is to not overcomplicate things with your prospects. Studies show that the number of claims you should share with a prospect is THREE.  This maximizes the impact of your story because it makes it more believable.

Why not beyond three?

  • It gets you to a tipping point where people start to become skeptical.
  • It complicates things.
  • It pushes the prospect to the end decision.

Options, features & benefits: Power of Three Applied

  • Options are great. But the key is not to give them too many options to the point that it gives them a decision paralysis.
  • Identify the core challenge of your prospect then focus on three things you can do that can connect to this core concept.
  • What’s more powerful is being able to present valuable things to the prospect. They may be unknown to them but you may have the solution for it.


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