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Tom Martin, The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly Today’s guest on Sales from the Street is Tom Martin who is a 25-year veteran in the sales and marketing world. Growing up in an ad agency business, Tom is now the founder of Converse Digital. They provide social media and digital consulting for large companies around the world. Tom is also a professional speaker and author of the book The Invisible Sale.

Tom spends a lot of time helping companies understand how to apply the digital technologies available today. It enhances and improves their sales and marketing and lead generation capabilities.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Tom:

Tom’s major challenge in his selling career:

No prospects: His first company was wiped out by Hurricane Katrina overnight.

What Tom did to overcome this challenge:

  • What has saved Tom is what he has done prior to calamity like investing in simple networking techniques – making sure you stay in touch with people
  • Going back to his networking base and started sending out text messages to people in the advertising market
  • Short term sales prospecting technology: Reaching back to people he has worked with

This led to a 90-day consulting gig that provided that bridge to get back on his feet. It laid the groundwork for what is now Converse Digital.

Painless prospecting:

Build a network of possible leads or contacts and building friendships well before you ever need or call them. Do this consistently.

Build a community of people who will either hire you or if they can’t, they’d be happy to tell someone else.

That one person who cannot do business with you can easily tell 10-15 people to do it with you and that can build the business for you.

Cool stuff they’re doing right now:

Proprietary methodologies to take unstructured data in the social space and build it into detailed audience profiles.

Tom’s Major Takeaway:

Get your message out in places where prospective clients who discover that message can become intrigued. They will come back to find you through your website or your book.

Episode Resources:

Catch Tom on or connect with him on Twitter @TomMartin.

Tom’s book The Invisible Sale

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