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Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Do Big Things Conference People who are grateful tend to be the happiest individuals and perhaps as a natural byproduct, they tend to be more successful.

Today, I will share a strategy on how to be more grateful and hopefully this can help you in your sales hustle.

Make sure you have that spirit of gratitude because it will totally change the way you perform as a seller and the way you do your job. More opportunities will come and people will notice.

Here are some points I want to emphasize:

  1. Being grateful is showing true, sincere respect, appreciation, and care for someone else.

When we’re grateful, we try to think more about the other person.

  1. Be grateful for your leads.

When you have the abundance mentality, everything just comes toward you. Doors open for you. You get the good leads or even if they’re crappy, it would seem that everything you touch turns to gold.

  1. Be grateful for your company.

Be grateful you have a job and an opportunity to earn income for yourself and your family.

  1. More opportunities will come if you are grateful.  

When you’re grateful, you are more appreciative of things and as a natural byproduct, doors will open for you. Emulate people with an abundance mentality.

  1. The way you treat other people is key.

Our supervisors want to be treated with appreciation. Appreciate them and do not harbor negative feelings, otherwise this will affect how you’re talking with your prospects.

Here’s a gratitude exercise you can do:

Write down five things you’re truly grateful for. Tell somebody about it. When you’re more grateful, you will be amazed on how your attitude will change and how your performance will change.

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