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The Sales Evangelist

Unconsidered Needs, Listening, Three Value Conversations, Sales Training In today’s episode, we have yet another excerpt from our discussion at TSE Hustlers League where I spoke about a study I found in the book The Three Value Conversations where it orbits around the concept of what you can do with the insights you know. How do you create or share the unconsidered need to your prospects?

The Power of  an Unconsidered Need

A Stanford University graduate school professor did a test on the potential of unconsidered needs by testing the effect of it through pitching it in the sales presentation giving four different scenarios using the following techniques:

Company 1: Standard pitch

Company 2: Standard pitch + added value (ex. on-staff experts will help them)

Company 3: Standard pitch + added value + unconsidered need (This is something they don’t know that is affecting them.)

Company 4: Doing all mentioned above but pointing out the unconsidered need first.

Notice that the last scenario is something different from the traditional selling method that many sales professionals do. And what’s interesting is that out of the four, this unique approach in selling is the one that generates the best results.

Remember that at the end of the day, customers really don’t care about you. So point out something these prospects don’t know about and say that need first and the solution or what you’re able to do.

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Three Value Conversations

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