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Dave, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Best Sales Podcast Asking questions is an integral piece of sales in order for you to uncover your prospect’s true challenges. But how much of your time do you actually spend on developing questions that will allow you to move forward along your sales process? We have an interesting topic on today’s Sales from the Street as Dave Specht shares with us value-packed insights on the power of asking great questions.

Dave is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and creator of some awesome mobile applications such as Inspired Questions for Family, Inspired Questions for Farmers, and Inspired Questions for Family Business..

Dave is also the Founder of Advising Generations, a consulting practice that works with multi-generational family businesses looking to transition their ownership and management to the next generation.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Dave:

Dave Specht, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast


Dave’s biggest challenges:

  • Thinking highly of himself and telling clients what to do
  • People didn’t want to be told what to do

Strategies Dave employed to overcome this challenge:

  • Developing questions
  • Focus on questions instead of having all the answers and being the smartest guy in the room
  • Focus more on providing the right questions so you can get to the heart of what their challenge really is

How to develop questions:

  1. Identify pain points and challenging spots.
  2. Start going backwards and develop questions to help them solve those problems.

What are the questions that can unlock this person to be able to allow them to move forward for their benefit?

  1. Questions have to be genuine to help them figure out and clarify what’s important to them. You become their ally and resource beyond the product you sell then you get the opportunity to implement the solution.

Dave’s Major Takeaway:

Spend an equal amount of time working on and writing down questions as you do learning and understanding your own product.

Episode Resources:

Connect with Dave Specht through email at or go to to check out the mobile apps he created with all different sets of inspired questions.

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