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Networking, Getting New Contact, Building Relationship, Last week, I shared with you a stupid example of prospecting I’ve done that didn’t prove to to be effective. It basically involved throwing spaghetti against the wall to see which one sticks. It’s dumb, I know. It wasn’t planned properly. So obviously, it didn’t generate great results.

Today, let me share with you a strategy which I did that works time and time again. This is a strategy I used which I know can be effective for you in gaining the right people for your business to help you grow tremendously. This works across industries, business models, and every single place.

So what strategy am I talking about?


Find the right people you can benefit and bring tremendous value to them.

  1. Know your ideal customer. Understand them and their business.

How do you get connected to these folks?

  • Find somebody in the industry that serves these clients. Find out what they do for marketing and how they find these people and meet them in person.
  • Go to events relevant to your industry as this is where your prospects hang out.
  1. Bring value to the table first before asking for anything.

When you meet people in person, great things can happen. Even if you know they’re a right fit, don’t sell your product. Your goal is to bring value.

  1. Build friendships.

When you are able to build friendships, great things can happen as a natural byproduct.

  1. Understand that it takes time.

Getting customers doesn’t happen overnight. It could take weeks or months but be sure to bring immense value to their table. Once you’re able to give, you will definitely reap benefits and great results.

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