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The Sales Evangelist

Nicholas Holland, Hubspot, Leadin, Sales Podcast How can you generate more leads? How can you generate more business opportunities? What can you do to get more clients in the door? Content is key as they say. But what if you can’t even make great content? Is there a way to still put out great content offers to your clients?

We’re going to talk about these things today as we bring Nicholas Holland on today’s show. Nick is an expert in content marketing as well as an expert in credibility and expertise marketing and today he shares with us interesting thoughts and insights into prospecting and lead generation.

Nick is an entrepreneur. He currently heads HubSpot‘s Labs division. One of their products called Leadin, helps people capture more leads, enrich those leads over time, and optimize lead conversion rates on websites.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Nick:

Strategies for increasing your social presence on your website:

  1. Establish your credibility.

Make your website look credible.

  1. Services/product page

Not everyone is a writer. And if you can’t do it well enough then keep it simple. Leadin has created Lead Flow, a little box you can place on various parts of your website that empowers the salesperson and the marketer to work together in a way that you can put targeted offers together specifically on the product or service page. You don’t even have to write the content anymore.

What Lead Flow does:

  • Consolidates leads.
  • Shows you what the lead did on the site.
  • Enriches the lead so you see their background, Twitter screen, company information, LinkedIn information, etc.
  • Wraps those leads so you can send them over to you or to your email service provider, marketer (MailChimp, Hubspot, AWeber Email Marketing, etc.)
  • Keeps 6 products/services on your website and does the work one time to find 6 interesting things and add those as a content offer to those pages.
  1. You are the driver to the homepage and product/service page.

Slightly put in the effort one time to put some nice offers on the site and then you have this great flywheel of capturing leads, driving into the CRM, and working those leads.

Pop-ups as interruption marketing: What’s the problem?

Being a true craftsman of selling is so much more as you have to learn all the nuances and all the different ways to satisfy what the customer is looking for.

What to avoid:

Heavy handed pop-ups that roll deep on the entire site

Giant full screen pops up in every page

Best local sales techniques:

  • Facilitate getting people together into a forum you can curate who comes to that. Get your sales techniques together and invite CEO’s of other companies. This can work as a round table discussion or even facilitate webinars inviting speakers from all over the world as you will (you basically don’t have to put out your own content here)
  • Surf experts in the field that your customers are looking for and if anybody was doing a webinar, throw a banner at your page and recruit your visitors towards that event.
  • Send emails to your segmented list. Even if they don’t show up, they would naturally think that you are the expert in the field.

How do you create attention?

  1. Ask thought-provoking questions.
  2. Use tools like Leadin to facilitate converting that attention into leads.
  3. Be creative and get in the mind of the customer and discover what they’re looking for.
  4. Create a series of small YES’s.
  • Think of your website as a series of small YES’s.
  • Ask them if they’re interested enough to come check you out? Yes.
  • They come to your site. Now ask them if they’d like to trade some information for more information? Yes.
  • Would they like to be with like-minded people? Yes.
  • Then take your CRMs and take them to the next level. Ask them, would you like to sit down and talk about how to solve these problems? Yes.

How to counter your reluctance of asking for phone numbers:

If they don’t give you their phone numbers, they’re telling you not to call them. So ask yourself if it’s appropriate to ask for their phone number. Did you ask the appropriate question?

Find 2-3 marketers you know or your family and friends know. Take them out for lunch and get some ideas to figure out six offers you can make to your products/services pages that would make somebody want to talk to you.

Nick’s Major Takeaway:

Pull up your company’s website and think of a piece of content that you could offer per product or service page. Have a lead close for each product that essentially draws out a series of small yes’s from your customers. Re-purpose other people’s content. Find a webinar or event and invite some people over to your office. Or try Google Hangouts and watch it via screen share.

Episode Resources:

HubSpot’s Leadin



Get connected with Nick on Twitter @nicholasholland or send him an email at holland@hubspot.com.

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