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The Sales Evangelist Podcast, Donald Kelly, Being Bold and Confident, Best Sales Podcast Today’s episode on Sales from the Street is about being bold and confident. Oftentimes, behind a prospect’s objection is an underlying core problem that you need to dig deeper into. And oftentimes, you don’t necessarily have to lower your price and undervalue what you offer just so you can get the prospect to buy. When such situation arises, you basically just have to come out bold and confident. And this is something that Randy Miguel has figured out to overcome his major challenge in sales.

Randy is the Vice-President of Ket-Go Digital Media that works with small and medium-sized businesses to help them with their online marketing and sales training.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Randy:

Randy’s biggest struggles in sales:

Dealing with trust issues

How to gain your prospect’s trust:

  1. Give them direct answers.

Give them the information as simply as you can. Talk to them straight. Explain to them in a way they can understand.

  1. Be confident.

Look them in the eye as you tell them you’re able to help them. Sometimes customers don’t care about all of the details. They just need the assurance that you can help them.

It’s not just about the price!

Don’t just easily lower your price the minute you feel your prospect is stepping out of the door and you feel you’re no longer in control of the sales process. It’s not just about the price. And even if it is, price can be overcome. In fact oftentimes, price is always never really price but their lack of trust in you or lack of knowledge about the product itself or the service.

Randy’s Major Takeaway:

Have confidence in what you’re selling to be able to be straight with people and give them the short answer of “this is going to help you.” That’s more important than any haggling of price will ever do.

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