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Time Management, Sales Leaders, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Podcast In today’s episode, I’m giving you a snippet out of one of our training in TSE Hustler’s League where we discuss the idea about focusing and making sure we’re maximizing our efforts while selling. Too many times, salespeople get distracted from the real things they need to focus more on.

In this snippet, one of our members shared with us a particular challenge regarding their time while I also share my two cents worth.

Here are the highlights of today’s episode:


  • Juggling everything with so many different hats to wear
  • Having good time management skills
  • Being honest and jumping into the fear of not having enough leads


  1. Think about the “big rocks” that you have in your life and write them down.
  2. Write down all the things you must do to make a sale (ex. writing proposals, making cold calls, connecting with prospects, customer service, sending emails, etc.)
  3. Create your own analytics as far as what you can do to be successful. Use a spreadsheet, for example, citing the following:
  • Messages
  • No messages
  • Follow ups
  • Appointments set
  • Opportunities generated
  1. Break down your day into the different activities you need to do.

Some of the members in the league have been closing deals because of implementing these simple little strategies. If you’d like to join the community, just go to and get the opportunity to join our group training community and come with us every week to gain deep insights, have some accountability, and build really awesome relationships.

Episode Resources:

15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management by Kevin Kruse

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