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Sales Professional, Daily Planning, New Salesperson, Donald KellyThere are days when we feel we really haven’t done anything for the day, didn’t get any prospect in, running around doing stuff, and working on paperwork, and on and on and on. Can you relate to this? Well, I’ve got a solution for you.

It’s about learning how to theme your days. So today, I’m sharing with you some things that I had struggles with and how I was able to overcome those so you can learn from them too, and most importantly, apply them into your sales process.

Challenge #1: Wearing multiple hats

You do prospecting, closing, and account management. Basically, you’re required to do more. So if you have issues from clients, you find yourself distracted from prospecting. You end up working with old stuff and you’ve got nothing new in your pipeline.

Solution: Get into the routine of prospecting. Prospecting needs to become a habit. It needs to be a part of every single day or week. You have to build it into your routine.

How you can do this effectively is to specifically theme your days.

Here is an example of a themed week:

Monday: Meeting and preparation for the week

Tuesday and Wednesday: Prospecting

Thursday: Client meetings

Friday: Things to wrap up the week, deals need to be closed

Today’s Major Takeaway:

The more you focus and theme your days, the bigger the difference. Focus on those themed days and then break down each day into time periods. The whole concept is to focus on prospecting.

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