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Stories, Building Value, Business Meeting, Sales Leader Today, we’re going to talk about how you can utilize stories in your selling situation to establish tons of value, credibility, and to help sell more.

People love to buy, they hate to be sold.

As what Jeffrey Gitomer says, “People love to buy. They hate to be sold.”

Find a way to make your potential customer feel that they’re buying as opposed to you selling them. What can you do to help them feel that they’re in control and that they’re buying?

Why tell stories?

You share the experience of someone else who has seen the value in what you have to offer.

Powerful elements of storytelling:

  1. VALUE

Use a story in order to establish value in your product or service. Paint a picture that they can identify with and make them visualize your goal to help them make their lives better.

The hero’s journey

This is a theory formulated by Joseph Campbell wherein any movie has the same situation with an individual on a journey who finds a mentor and goes through a trial and they have to overcome that challenge. Then they go through an atonement period until finally coming back full circle.


Use of senses

Make the story as impactful to them as possible. Encourage your prospect to use their senses. Make them visualize all five senses or as many senses as possible while telling the story.

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