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Ted Ryce, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, The Best Sales Podcast Today’s guest is Ted Ryce, a health and fitness professional for the past 17 years in Miami Beach, Florida. He has worked with tons of celebrities, CEOs, multi-million dollar companies and personalities like Richard Branson and Robert Downey, Jr. He now has a podcast called Legendary Life Podcast, a health, fitness, and personal development podcast.

Ted figured out early on that he actually is a salesperson. Sales never came easy for him and so today, he shares with us the challenges he faced and how he overcame them so you too can learn from his experience.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Ted:

Ted’s major challenges:

  • Hitting the plateau of not getting any more clients
  • Underselling himself

Strategies to overcome these challenges:

  1. Differentiate yourself.

Have a reason for charging more, not coming from a place of being awesome but in a way the prospect can understand.

  1. Sell what the client specifically wants.

Don’t sell yourself or what you want to sell. Sell exactly what the client wants. Match what you do with what someone else does. When you sell the value in the right way, price no longer becomes an issue.

  1. Find a way to get your message out there to reach more people.

This is a great way of selling yourself without selling yourself. Go out there and do more presentations. Do a podcast. Eventually, they will look at you as a leader in your industry.

Ted’s Major Takeaway:

Take things step by step. Stay at it. Take lessons and courses. Listen to podcasts. Stay on course to make consistent improvements. In 3-6 months time, you’re going to see major changes. Stay consistent, keep at it, and don’t give up.

Episode Resources:

Connect with Ted on Legendary Life Podcast and check out their Be the Change group to help support you in whatever goal you have.

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