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Hyrum Estrada, Donald Kelly, Leads To Grow, Best Sales Podcast Today’s Sales from the Street episode is all about breaking that barrier of self-talk that prevents you from taking on major opportunities. It’s something a lot of us have faced at certain points in our career and which our guest today has also dealt with successfully.

Hyrum now owns and runs a marketing company, Leads 2 Grow, a recruiting company that helps organizations find people that would best match them.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Hyrum:

One of the major challenges Hyrum faced:

Fear and self-doubt  – talking himself out of the opportunity

Strategies for breaking the self-talk mindset and increasing your confidence:

  1. Be enthusiastic.

Be enthusiastic when you’re doing your sales. Get out of your comfort zone and talk yourself into going out there and just doing it. You only have a few seconds to catch the prospect’s attention before they disengage with you. Entertain your prospect and keep them engaged.

  1. Be noticeable.

Don’t just walk away. Be different. Be noticeable so they can remember you and get a better shot at getting sales.

Hyrum’s Major Takeaway:

FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. It could be that fear of calling the CEO or fear of making that cold call, but at the end of the day, fear is just an illusion. What’s the absolute worst thing that could happen if you called them? They would either say no or hang up. Then move on to the next call. Overcome your self-imposed limitations.

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