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The Sales Evangelist

Adam and Michelle Carey, The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, Best Sales Podcast As human beings, we are born to be communal. We are social. And it’s human nature that we want to be recognized. This is what we’re going to talk about today as husband-and-wife team Adam and Michelle Carey talk about the power of human connection – giving your customer that “human element.” It’s having that connection with your client.

Adam and Michelle have been in the network marketing space for more than 8 years now and recently they’ve expanded their business to a training platform. They also published the book Don’t Be “That Guy” in Network Marketing, which is a good read when it comes to learning strategies in connecting and building relationships with your prospects and customers.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Adam and Michelle:

Dealing with the negative reputation of network marketing

  • Change the reputation.
  • Change the culture.
  • Change the way you act.

Biggest mistakes people make in sales:

  1. The lack listener and the motor mouth

Listen and don’t over-complicate things by overwhelming your client with all facts and information. Learn to ask good questions and find out their hot button

  1. Social media spammer

People on social media don’t want to be pitched. They want to be entertained, be inspired, and have a good time. Peak curiosity and do not raise resistance.

  1. The long-winded writer

Keep your emails short. People’s attentions spans are shorter. Keep your emails up to 3 sentences with a link so they will read it.

Best strategies when using social media in network marketing:

  1. Show the fun things you’re doing.

You don’t have to add the whole commercial to images you post. Raise curiosity to the point that they will come to you and ask questions.

  1. Take 4-5 things you’re passionate about and rotate them.
  2. Take the lead offline as soon as possible.

Try to get on the phone with them or meet with them. Get away from the computer and don’t do the whole transaction behind the computer. Human element is vital.

Benefits of online communities:

  • Allows you to tailor your message to the group
  • Fostering discussion and learning
  • Keeps your fire burning

Strategies in creating online communities:

  • Be transparent in sharing your struggles. People learn more from the things you do wrong.
  • Don’t pretend to have all the answers. Let people know so they can identify with you.
  • Recognize people. Lift people up and highlight people to get them to be more involved with the group. Recognize effort and success.

Ways to motivate your team:

  1. Find out what they want and what they’re passionate about.

Dig down to find out their why. Be transparent and tell stories to get them to open up.

  1. Set proper expectations.

You can only provide the tools to be successful but they have to make themselves successful.

  1. Find motivated people.

Find people who are already motivated and encourage them. Pull the gold that’s already out and just polish it up a little bit .

  1. Uncover the burning vision they once had.

Help people think about their vision in life. Let them know it’s their chance to go get it. Get people to wake up right now.

Adam & Michelle’s Takeaways from Their Book:

  1. Honor other people.

Do things that still honor relationships. Learn to have integrity and be honoring to others.

  1. Have fun and fail forward.

Give yourself permission to fail. Don’t take yourself seriously. Do everything with excellence but give yourself permission to fail. Learn from those failures. Make the tweaks. Get the coaching. Use all this as part of your story.

Episode Resources:

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Don’t Be “That Guy” in Network Marketing

Connect with Adam and Michelle on www.adamandmichellecarey.com

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