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Vidal Cisneros Jr, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Coaching Breaking down the barriers between you and your clients is a tough challenge you need to overcome because that’s how you get some deals to be closed.

Today’s guest on Sales from the Street is Vidal Cisneros, speaker, author, and purpose-igniting coach. He is the man behind the Thriving Beyond Podcast. Vidal is also part of the Chicken Soup for the Soul and doing things for large publications.

Listen as he talks about his challenges and strategies he used to overcome those challenges and see results.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Vidal:

Vidal’s biggest challenges he has faced:

  • Not coming off as salesy or pitchy
  • Dealing with clients with mindset issues

Strategies he used to overcome this challenge:

  1. Serving versus selling
  • Playing more of the “serving” role where he serves, ignites, and lights people up
  • Following up and connecting with them on a different level
  • Building things organically and one-on-one
  • If you can’t help them because their needs are not within your wheelhouse, you still connect them with other people.
  1. Setting expectations
  • What can you do and where can you take them to get to the next level that’s within your framework.
  • Seeing yourself not as a salesperson but fulfilling your purpose
  1. Letting them see you’re a real person too.
  • Share what you also went through. Share your story and connect with your client. Find where your stories bridge to build rapport and connection.
  1. Closing the deal immediately while the barriers are down
  • Not using the word “money” but putting “skin in the game” to get results
  • Closing immediately on the call once the barriers have been broken
  • Identifying their timeline and building that scarcity

Vidal’s Major Takeaway:

Just work on letting people up. Inspire them and that’s where you understand what works best for you. Tell them what the dream looks like and how far you’ve come to compel them to decide and ignite their path.

Episode Resources:

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