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Inside Sales, Google, Donald Kelly, John Merrifield, The Sales Evangelist Podcast If you’re one of several people who tend to shy away from getting into inside sales, you might just be missing out on a very big opportunity here. In today’s episode, John Merrifield will tell you about the power of inside sales.

John Merrifield has been working for Google for over 2 years now. He is currently the product marketing manager for Google Apps for Work while he has also previously handled Google for Work Inside Sales.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with John:

The different challenges of inside sales:

  • Understanding how to handle the volume
  • Develop quick relationships
  • Build trust fast
  • Instill a need in understanding the product quickly

Strategies to build relationships as an inside seller:

  • Love for people
  • Love for understanding different experiences
  • Create a bond with people on a deeper level
  • Understand their world (Research about their company. Go to their website and just point out stuff right there.)
  • Build a common ground as fast as possible
  • Make each call differently. (Avoid weather questions)

Breaking the stigma of inside sales: The pros of inside sales

  • Due to high volume, you learn how to organize and create powerful strategies.
  • Little victories along the way
  • It sets the right foundation for what you’re going to be doing, how to connect with people quickly, and understand the lifeline of smaller businesses.
  • Prepares you for the outside world
  • Allows you to learn about different departments within the organization

Inside or Outside Sales: Which Way First?

  1. Look at a product or industry you’re passionate about.
  2. Get in inside sales first and build great reputation. Hit your quota.
  3. Think about the outside world and make connections.

How to stay motivated within the organization:

  1. Energy

Make that decision and find your motivation and energy. Set the right tone. Energy is contagious. People are going to feel it and you’re going to bring up their energy as well.

  1. Incentives

Have little things everyday that you can strive for. Self-motivate yourself.

  1. Be a component of change yourself.

If you see something that you want to change or add, make it happen. Talk to the management team. Make a case for it and show how it’s going to provide the motivation. Work to create the environment that you want to be in.

Tools to sharpen your selling tool set:

  1. Shadow people you look at as great sales reps.

Identify people who are doing really well and spend time with them. Take bits and pieces from them and try to hone those into your sales skills.

  1. Continue learning.

Read books. Check out books like The Outliers and Good to Great. They’re about processes, equations, and greatness that enable you to take yourself to the next level. Then apply it to your personal situation. Take classes to better yourself. Take advantage of YouTube videos.


John’s Major Takeaway:

You are the creator of your own destiny. You are someone who’s going to max out your own potential. With inside sales, you’re going to have good and bad quarters. Just always make yourself better. Make a plan everyday to read a little bit more, shadow somebody a little bit more. Continue to learn. Inside sales sets a great foundation for what you’re going to be doing next and create a great experience out of it.

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Book mentions:

The Outliers

Good to Great
The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, Donald C. Kelly

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