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The Sales Evangelist

Sales Coaching, Donald Kelly, Bill Nowicki, The Sales Evangelist Podcast Bill and I talked back in Episode 227 where I did a coaching session with him. We basically talked about the business that he’s starting with video production to help organizations better articulate their value through the power of video.

Today’s episode is somewhat a follow up on the strategies that he has implemented and seen since the last time we talked.

A brief background about Bill…

Bill Nowicki is a nuclear engineer and host of the podcast Submarine Sea Stories where he gets to chat with old buddies in the navy. Through his company Nowicki Media, Bill pivoted into video creation which is the one thing he’s really, really passionate about.

In our previous session, Bill had set some goals of getting a paid customer by the end of 2015, putting together an avatar, and being able to start putting himself out there. As of recording this audio, Bill had two weeks left before the end of the year. Let’s find out if Bill was able to achieve his goals. So, let’s dig right into it…

Scenario 1

Bill’s friend runs a restaurant and he used to be Frank Sinatra’s driver back in the 70’s. He had wanted Bill to put together a video for him for his restaurant since Frank’s 100th birthday was coming up.

Result: Bill put a video together in 3 hours with some cuts of Frank Sinatra and a bunch of pictures and birthday parties he was at with Frank. The result was a 14-minute video. In the end, Bill’s friend offered to pay him $200.

Scenario 2

Has Bill found his niche market?

Bill’s neighbor is in the board of directors of an old historic house in Marietta, Georgia and wanted Bill to create a video for them. So he met with her and another lady named, Anna Brumby, the CEO of Brumby Chair Company, a local manufacturing company in Marietta. She was looking into creating how-to videos and was asking Bill if he could do it. Currently, Bill has sent out his proposals and they have been exchanging comments and reviews.

Presently, Bill is focusing on small businesses and what he loves about it is that “you get to have that connection with the people running it.”

Bill’s next steps in his process:

  • Investigate social media strategies to implement

Bill sees video as a part of a whole strategy so he reached out to their church’s daycare preschool and made a video about their 5K race. Then he will be taking this video and start doing Facebook ads for them to test the waters, so to speak. Watch the video on his website. http://www.nowickimedia.com/portfolio/

  • Apply all these to his avatar (Bill is looking at the industrial/manufacturing industry)

Here are some other nuggets of wisdom gleaned from this conversation:

  • It’s about getting the right people and finding that right person you can connect with.
  • Understand your avatar and their pain so you can put your message around that.
  • It’s not all about you. You have to bring the person you’re talking to into it.
  • Put yourself out there. If you fail, people will help you.
  • Don’t think about doing it, just do it. That’s what it takes to learn.
  • Videos are a great way for connecting with people.

We’re following up with Bill in a couple of months but so far he’s definitely on the right track.

I’m checking up on what you’ve done so far too. Have you clearly identified your avatar and understood their pain points? What steps have you taken lately?

Episode Resources:


Contact Bill through email at billnowicki@me.com

TSE Episode 227 with Bill Nowicki

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