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Free Trial, Donald Kelly, Sales Podcast, Mastermind Is it worth it to offer a free product or trial?

One of the things many seller have questions about is the idea of giving things always for free. Is this a good strategy? It depends on your company, business model, sales cycle, product cost, etc.

Challenges and Remedy: 

Sometimes offering a free trial dilutes the offer. It makes it seem of little worth if you’re giving it away for free or so cheap. Similarly, you give the product away to people who would have paid full price for it even if it had an expensive price.

My answer: You must have a strategy! How long will the trial last for? How much will you give away for free? How will you follow up with them? This is what I like about a “trial period”. It gives a specific period of time to try the product and there is a cut off day. This allows you to not give away the farm, but gives you the opportunity to offer a portion for free with the hopes of whetting their appetite.

For me, it also shows confidence. I’m so confident that if you take the free offer, you will “experience” it and the take the full thing.

In this episode I share a couple of stories. I hope they help to illustrate this point. Feel free to share in our Facebook group your thoughts on offering a free trial.

As always, do BIG THINGS!

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