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Fresh Level Productions, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist Today’s guest on Sales From Street is Parchelle Hotten, the owner of Fresh Level Productions, a video production company that does more than just that. Their company is passionate about giving value to their customers by focusing on the results that come from the video they produce, helping clients achieve traffic, and getting them to become leads that ultimately result to conversion.

In this episode, Parchelle shares about the power of video in growing one’s business, the challenges she faced, and how she overcame and achieved the results she wanted.

Here are the highlights of the conversation with Parchelle:

One of the biggest challenges Parchelle had as an entrepreneur:

Conveying the value that video could provide for the customer’s business

What Parchelle did to fix the problem:

  • Providing value through workshops.

Invite 6-10 different people you’ve met over snacks or whatever. This way you will be able to address the concerns in a small environment. Then you can talk about topics like ROI, video, and strong content on your website that are all critical to your business.

What resulted from Parchelle’s strategy:

35-40% expressed their interest at the end of the workshop and wanted to talk with them further. 20% of the people in the room closed business with them resulting to:

  • More customers, more revenue
  • Build relationships with other people
  • More speaking engagements for Parchelle

Parchelle’s Major Takeaway:

Make sure that you position yourself to provide value to your prospective clients in whatever method you can (workshops, video series, white paper, eBook, webinars).

Connect with Parchelle through and on Twitter @freshlevelpro.

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