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Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Hustlers, Following UpWhat are some great ways in which you can stay in touch and top of mind with your clients and prospects?

  1. Give value.

Send an article, blog post, or something related to that person’s interest or need. Something that benefits them or their business. Consider offering an audio such as a podcast like TSE or many others. Look for specific episodes which your clients would benefit from. Or consider sending a video you think might be helpful. 

  1. Connect with them on multiple platforms.

Don’t simply say “hi!” Reach out to them and comment on the things they share. Being genuine is critical. Then re-share your article and connect with them on Twitter, for instance. Tweet an article and then tag them into the tweet. Again, you’re offering value. Also, mention anything that their company has done which is note-worthy in recent months.

  1. Write a review for their company.

Go to their company’s website and write a positive review for them if you’ve experienced their product or service. Then share the review via social media.

  1. Make use of Twitter list.

Using a Twitter list or an Excel sheet to track those you would like to connect with. Bottom line  – make sure you bring value to your clients. And at the very least, showing your clients that you are genuine is of paramount importance.

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