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The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, Sales Podcast, Closing DealsAs a salesperson, one of the major responsibilities you have is to CLOSE business! As you’re closing more business, inadvertently you will find yourself in many negotiation meetings. To prepare you for these meetings, here are some ideas you need to implement to guarantee maximum success.

Here are seven main points you need to take away from this episode:

  1.  Make sure you go into the meeting with a “PLAN”
    • Go into the meeting with a plan of action. What you are willing to give and how much.
  2. Listen and don’t be afraid of silence 
    • Don’t be afraid of silence in a meeting. Use it to your advantage
  3. Use specific numbers while negotiating 
    • Don’t give ranges in numbers when negotiating, offer specific numbers!
  4. Create the proper setting
    • Don’t make the meeting a battle field, go in there with a collaborative mentality.
  5. Give and Get
    • When you consent on a point, make sure you get something in return.
  6. Speak with the right people
    • As you negotiate, don’t meet with people who can’t say “yes”, make sure you negotiate with the person who has the power of signing on the dotted line.
  7. Don’t be afraid to walk away
    • You can’t be afraid of walking away from a deal that is not worth it. I promise…don’t be afraid.


The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, Donald C. Kelly

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