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The Sales Evangelist

Lawrence Wayne O'Connor on TSE Podcast

In this episode of the TES podcast, Lawrence, co-founder of Practice Lab, joins the show to discuss the importance of qualification in sales. He shares insights on determining the right people to bring into your sales pipeline and provides valuable tips on effective qualification techniques. 

Lawrence emphasizes the need for curiosity, asking impactful questions, and understanding potential customer’s pain points. He explains the concept of “bucketing” prospects based on their awareness and urgency of the problem they must solve.

The Club Analogy and the Importance of Qualification 

  • Lawrence uses the bouncer at a club analogy to emphasize the need to be selective about who enters your sales pipeline.
  • He explains the difference between qualification and discovery, emphasizing that qualification is crucial at the beginning of the sales process.
  • Lawrence emphasizes the need to avoid setting oneself up for failure by being too focused on meeting quota multiples rather than ensuring the quality of prospects.

Inverse Relationship Between Pipeline and Win Rate

  • Lawrence presents an interesting observation that the win rate of a sales team often decreases as the size of the pipeline increases.
  • He shares that teams with smaller, more qualified pipelines can achieve higher win rates.
  • Lawrence encourages sellers to be ruthless in their qualification process to increase win rates and focus on prospects with more urgent and painful problems.

Leading with Curiosity and Natural Conversations 

  • Lawrence discusses the importance of leading with curiosity for authentic and effective sales conversations.
  • He advises sellers to ask questions that get potential customers to focus on their goals and desired outcomes rather than solely discussing product features.
  • Lawrence stresses the need for active listening and conversations that don’t feel like scripted checklists but genuine discussions.

Disqualification as a Sales Strategy

  • Lawrence shares an approach from his experience at Apple, where he encouraged potential customers to disqualify themselves from the product if it didn’t meet their specific needs.
  • He explains that this approach helps prospects evaluate the value and urgency of their own problems, building stronger commitment if they choose to continue in the sales cycle.
  • Lawrence highlights the importance of helping prospects disqualify themselves to ensure they present a strong case to their organization.

Practice Lab’s Approach to Skill Improvement

  • Lawrence explains that Practice Lab focuses on practicing specific sales skills and improving broader conversational and human interaction skills.
  • He uses the analogy of Kobe Bryant taking tap dancing lessons to enhance his footwork, highlighting the value of practicing skills outside the direct sales realm.
  • Lawrence emphasizes the importance of simulating realistic scenarios during practice sessions and measuring progress against a standard of excellence.

Qualification plays a crucial role in the sales process, determining the quality and success of a sales pipeline. Lawrence emphasizes the need for curiosity, effective questioning techniques, and peer feedback to improve qualification skills. 

He also advocates for realistic practice sessions focusing on broader conversational and human interaction skills to improve overall sales performance. By adopting these strategies, sales professionals can increase win rates and create stronger relationships with qualified prospects.




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Donald is also an award-winning speaker, sales trainer, and coach. He's a big fan of traveling, South Florida staycations and high-quality family time. Donald has a belief that “anyone” can sell if they have the desire and receives the proper training.

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