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The Sales Evangelist

In today’s episode of The Sales Evangelist, Donald talks to the owner of 1 Call Closers, Richard Mugica, about the top three issues sellers face when finalizing a sale, and how you can overcome them to help increase your sales to potential buyers.

The top three challenges sellers face when finalizing a sale:

  • The first challenge that sellers face is focusing on the SCIENCE of closing, instead of the ART of closing.
  • The second biggest challenge that sellers face is being too nervous. 
  • The third challenge that plagues sellers is focusing too much on handling objections and not enough on rapport building, or the discovery phase.

What these three challenges actually mean, and how you can overcome them:

  • The science of closing is the script you read, the words you use to help finalize a sale and close the deal. The ART of closing, however, is the WAY you say those words. The art of closing lets you connect with your client and build trust in your product or service. Mastering the art of sales is critical for becoming a great salesperson.
  • Too many salespeople are nervous about coming off too strong or too pushy and, as such, are actually afraid of closing the deal. All of these self-doubts and worries just lessen your impact as a salesperson. The key thing to remember is your goal as a salesperson: It isn’t necessarily to convince a buyer to say yes but to get your buyer to make a decision about purchasing your product or service.
  • Sales aren’t decided on during objection handling, sales are won or lost during rapport building. By focusing more on rapport building, you’re FAR more likely to actually close the sale, instead of focusing so much attention on handling objections.

What else can you learn about overcoming these challenges?

  • There’s no real “way” to teach the art of closing. It’s too subtle. There are two ways to master it as a salesperson though: Either you are simply naturally born with a good understanding of it OR you develop it through deliberate repetition.
  • When dealing with nervousness, it stems from sellers focusing too much on THEMSELVES instead of on helping their clients. Salespeople will focus on how their client will react to their words and actions, when they should be focusing SOLELY on genuinely helping their client with whatever they’re attempting to sell.
  • At the end of a call or at the end of the sale, if your buyer knows what their problem is, why they need to solve their problem, and why your product or service is the best way for them to solve their problem, then the buyer WILL close the sale. There won’t be any objections you have to deal with if you truly HELP the buyer discover their problem through rapport.
  • The best way to destroy any objections is through honesty. If at the end of the sale, the buyer is still uncertain, remind them of why they contacted you in the first place. Tell them that they can think about it and choose not to go with the sale, but through buying whatever you’re offering, their problem will be solved. Honesty destroys objections.

Richard Mugica is an incredible salesman with plenty of experience and knowledge to pass on to anyone looking to improve their abilities. You can find him on Instagram at richard_mugica or at his website, www.1callclosers.com.

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