TSE 1455: What are Sales Professionals Looking for in 2021?

TSE 1455: What are Sales Professionals Looking for in 2021?

Moving to a virtual workplace means companies can hire better and faster while reducing employee cost and turnover. But are there benefits to returning to the brick-and-mortar model of 2019? In today’s episode of The Sales Evangelist, Donald interviews Dan Fantasia, founder of the sales career advancement company Treeline Inc. to discuss what sales professionals look for in their 2021 work environment.

What are sales professionals looking for in 2021?

  • Most employees prefer virtual roles over in-person. So if you’re thinking of reintroducing your company to the office, you might want to reconsider. If someone is sold on the remote option, they might start looking for a new opportunity.

The pros and cons of having a brick-and-mortar company versus operating remotely:

  • In a virtual job, it’s more challenging to build camaraderie outside the office. However, there are ways to facilitate this relationship. 
  • Dan’s company participated in a virtual wine tasting, and they start each morning with a zoom call to stay aligned and promote communication.
  • The pro of remote working is the removal of commuting. 
  • Companies no longer have to compete for employees with companies in a particular area – they can hire across the United States. 
  • However, this is a double-edged sword, as competing companies are equally able to contact employees with new opportunities.

What should employers be aware of that salespeople want in their 2021 work environment?

  • Just because your company is virtual doesn’t mean you can lowball a candidate. They have an entire world of opportunity now and can just look elsewhere. 
  • Don’t be stuck on the decision to go back to an in-person model. You might have to pay for a building people don’t use, but if your employees work better remotely, the payoff will make the decision worth it.
  • There are risks of virtual work depending on the position, the most pressing being if your employees are mature enough to work virtually.
  • However, between a virtual company and an in-person company, the virtual company can source candidates from the entire country to ensure that the person thrives in that type of environment. 
  • Virtual companies offer a diversity of regional cultures, which can develop new perspectives in your employees.

Dan’s advice for sellers and companies:

  • Corporations should be open-minded and take advantage of the virtual opportunities. You’ll find immense payoff with a virtual model.
  • For candidates: Look for your next opportunity when you’re still employed. You want the longest runway possible to have the time necessary to consider your options. When you’re employed, you won’t have to accept the first offer out of desperation but can instead move towards an opportunity you want.

If you want to get in contact with Dan, email him directly at fantasia@treelineinc.com, or you can visit his company website.

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